Hey World! Welcome to my Blog!

So this is my first blog! I’m very excited actually. Up late and decided why not start now. I’ve been thinking to do this for a while after being inspired by my day to day retail environment, compliments I get on my fashion sense, things I see on instagram, the weather , televisions shows, just everything really. I try new brands, stick to some old ones, mix designer with affordable and when I can’t find it, I make it!
My love for fashion started in college when I met my roommate who was fun and edgy, mixed and matched and was girly like me and that fashion love grew bigger the first time I styled a client from head to toe for an event and she referred a friend!
Fashion is freedom, you can literally recreate and reinvent yourself with old and new , colors and hardware, and that makes me happy!
Can’t wait for you guys to see my ideas!

Cee you soon <;;3



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