Bloggin’ Baby!!


Hope you guys had a good day today! Me not so much…work was a little crazy and people can be freakin Craz to the E! Definitely was a hot one but not as bad as yesterday!
So today I was able to use some of my mixing and matching skills to create my look for today. I have had this floral button down blouse from Forever21 for YEARS and never was able to wear it because it was too low cut and couldn’t find the right tank to go under soooo what I did was wear it BACKWARDS! Why the heck didn’t I think of that before?? SMH! Well it worked out perfect and buttons down the back made for great detail! Paired it with my Paige Denim Jeans, Nude Steve Maddens that were 20 bucks, my favorite Louis Vuitton Patent Bag and some sassy army candy from Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom and Forever21!
P.S. fedora hat otherwise know as my “Ne-Yo” look lol from Urban Outfitters<;;<;; store gets me in trouble allll the time.

Check Me Out!!!!


Cee you soon <;;3



3 thoughts on “Bloggin’ Baby!!

  1. Love those jeans, and the shirt! I wish I could pull off a fedora hat :(. Steve Maddens for twenty bucks?.. whaaa? you go!

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