Louis Vuitton: Summer 2012


Creative Director Marc Jacobs, not only known for is amazing ability to destroy the fashion industry with his amazing creations and innovations, he is known for super collaborations with amazing artists! This summer I am so excited to see his newest ideas with the Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama! This lady is a really unique individual. She makes these amazingly elaborate works of art using only dots and great color. Dots inspire her because its a representation of herself. She feels like shes a little dot living among millions of other dots. Her art almost keeps her mentally in check. She travels back in forth from her art studio and mental institution that she lives in to paint complete rooms with her signature style. She also recently did a recreation of one of my favorite story tales “Alice in Wonderland”!! It’s amazing and can’t wait to see her designs on the LV pieces! Check out some of these amazing looks I found so far.





SICK! SMH Definitely need the Monogram yellow piece!!!

Cee you soon <;3



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