Style Tip: What to wear, under there!


Listen up Ladies! Summer is here with a vengeance and its HOT! Those bright maxi dresses, funky colored jeans and white shorts are the perfect pieces to stay cute and cool in the heat BUT we MUST make sure we are wearing the RIGHT under garments! I’m pretty sure I’m not suppose to be able to read what’s on your butt through your pants and if there’s a little to much jiggle in your wiggle, you MUST tighten it up! I know some under garments can be a little too hot and uncomfortable from time to time, but there are great options out there to help you keep it tight and right in between work out periods! White and light clothes should have solid black or nude pieces underneath, and boy shorts are great alternatives to thongs under maxis for jiggle control. Check out some mo great options!


Shimera Seamless Boyshorts
Calvin Klein Seamless Hipster
Yummie Tummie Shaper
So Curvaceous Push-Up Slip with Panty

Cee you soon<;3

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