California Livin’


Finally back home after a crazy week of travel for work. I was sent to beautiful Ontario, California. Even though there’s a lot of factories and warehouses in the area,the weather there is gorgeous. Of course, our company gave us celebrity treatment lol Stretch hummer limo plus paid breakfast, lunch and dinner-Definitely can’t complain about free stuff! The only sucky part was the hotel -_- Unfortunately, because of the area we were in, there wasn’t much to choose from for hotels. We stayed at the Aloft Hotel which is suppose to be a franchise of the W hotel. The W hotel is a super amazing place but the Aloft was far from that. Even though there was a bar in the lobby and a pool, my freakin toilet didn’t flush! No Bueno!! I highly do not recommend lol I wish I got a chance to sight see more but everything was kinda planned out for us. OMG ANNNDDD I tried Oysters for the first time! Thought I was gonna throw it back up no lie lol but after I got the slimy thing down, it was pretty flavorful when they doctored it up for me! Look at me gettin all cultured HAHA! Definitely wanna visit again!
Check out some candids from traveling to stylings for that week 🙂

Eye in the Sky


Aloft Hotel (top) or the W Hotel(bottom)? You be the judge… 0_0 lol


Training Day Número Uno


Training Day Número Dos


Oyster Experience aka Pure Comedy


Safe Travels


Cee you soon <;3



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