Crooks, Looks & Rooftops


Sooo I know I have been slacking on my blogging big time! It’s so fun to do but very time consuming especially with all the craziness that has been going on!

How about this for a welcoming home: two weeks ago after a busy day of work and a long visit with my family I get to my apartment to find out that somebody had thee nerve to come into m apartment steal my hard earned possessions, trash my place and nicely lock the door back. Seriously pissed me off! The best part is my property manager were more concerned about me getting my delivered package from the office rather than follow up with my burglary! Then when I mention that no one had followed up with me, she wants to make an appointment to change my locks two weeks after somebody violated my privacy which they informed me another tenant was robbed the same way the night before! Talk about managing the property, I think not! SMH

Good thing I have great friends though! I was able to have a few nights out on the town in NYC with some great people! Poetry, dancing and fashion can never get old! This Sunday we checked out a place called Latitude Bar & Grill on 8th Ave in NYC! It had an amazing rooftop setting and a great view! Music was off the hook and definitely had to style on em! Lol


Check me out!

Jacket Local Boutique, Similar look at
Top Local Boutique, Similar look at
Jeans Nordstrom Paige Premium Denim
Shoes Sam Edelman
Make-Up BH Cosmeticsstays on allll night and I was working up a sweat on the dance floor so you know it’s real!!


3 thoughts on “Crooks, Looks & Rooftops

  1. It’s true what they say, you have no idea what some people are going thru, because you look so beautiful and had such an incredible smile I never would have known how stressed you were. Nice shoes by the way….

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