Ok so I have been very inspired by all the black girls going natural these days! I have always loved crazy curls and big cool hair so I have started what they call the “transitioning” process. Because my hair is “relaxed” or permed straight, I’m letting my hair grow out which means no more perks baby! This might be hard but so far I’m loving the transitioning looks I’ve learned. Check me out below đŸ˜€


I learned about these looks from a great YouTube channel that I stumbled upon through my Facebook news feed! Meme’s Natural Hair Grind has amazing tips, tricks and suggestive product! Check her out!

In other news, since this is a FASHION blog lol I am loving Solange(Beyonce’s younger sister) new add campaign for Madewell clothing store. I dream of my hair looking as full, curly and crazy as hers! She looks amazing in the madewell stuff too. They have really cute preppy looks and great silky, flowy tops too! Check her out!!




Sources: The YBF
BH Cosmetics Lip Products

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