To die for : Leather Skirts


So I have been OBSESSED with finding the perfect leather pencil skirt this fall.. without breaking the bank of course. Anywho I just saw this recent picture of Angela Simmons sporting a GORGEOUS leather pencil skirt and it reminded me to regroup and continue my search. Check out the look!!


The brand she is wearing is SuperTrash..I was a little taken back by the name but after seeing the clothes I was thinking “Hey girl Heyyyy” I love it! The idea behind the brand is that it stands for living a successful life, being sophisticated and not being afraid to show who you are, which by the way is definitely me and those I associate with! My favorite idea from the SuperTrash brand is ” The SuperTrash woman combines outspoken personality with effortless style!” what a great mix! Check out some of the pieces I absolutely love from the site!


Jump Jacket
Bambi Top- Indigo
Shardee Leather skirts


Dooby Dress- mink check
Dacey Dress-Precious Pink
Snake Print Dress
Thousandways Dress-Mink

I also found some super cute leather skirts that I absolutely love from searching and! The Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen skirts are my FAVE.. but my pockets are not hearing that! I’m not mad at the fashion steals either- Check them out!!!


Balenciaga Kimono Tie leather skirt
Alexander McQueen Peplum skirt
Hakaan Khaki leather skirt
Tinley Road Vegan leather skirt


Happily Leather After Green Vegan Leather skirt
One of the Gang Black Vegan Leather skirt

Oh how I cant wait to get one! Ill definitely keep you guys posted! Be sure to remember me during your fall must have searches and tell me what you find in your comments!!!

Cee you soon <3!!!

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