Love and Spanx

Soooo…this week Apple plotted against my blogging by stopping my phone from working but IM BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! (And I’m giving Apple the stank face) lol

Heyyyy Y’all!!! I hope you guys had a beautiful week and a beautiful past weekend!

Love was definitely in there air during my weekend, as I was able to attend a wedding, which is always a joyous occasion! Not to mention who doesn’t love a little dancing drinking and DRESSING UP!!!!

Check out my look from the fabulous event!


And speaking of dressing up, it really boggles my mind how women consistently wear things that do not fit their bodies! I saw a lot of this >;>;>;>;


Without alot of that >;>;>;

Listen up ladies! You have GOT to control that jiggle!!!! I truly do believe that beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes but just because it zips does NOT mean it fits!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Cee You Soon!!! <;3

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