Keeping it Savvy in the Snow


Looks like Connecticut has been blessed with yet another Nor’easter! Awesomeee! (in the most sarcastic way I could possibly say awesome). The best part about this stormis driving home in it from work.(A bit more sarcasm lol). Anywho I definitely was not prepared for the snow attire wise, but I am absolutely loving my new top from the Nordstrom Rack paired with my new scarf from our recent LNO event! Thanks Ann 🙂

Check it out!




Hope you all stay safe and warm!

Cee you soon! ❤ ❤

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Haute Buns: My favorite 2012 Hair Trend


OMG! how 2012 just flew by! Like every other year I would say. This past year I decided to go natural and I love it! I didn’t try it because it was the new, in thing to do, but because I noticed some changes in the length and thickness of my hair that I wasn’t liking AT ALL! I learned so much in the 5 months that I have stopped perming my hair, thanks to some tips from Meme at Meme’s Natural Hair Grind, especially about protective styles. My favorite hair-do is definitely the bun- an easy, chic, up do with the hair tied usually at the crown of the hair!

(My cute little polyvore collage)

Check out one of my up-do bun looks of 2012!



Target Chevron top | H&M jeans | Marc Jacobs “Single” Crossbody (My Fave) | Louis Vuitton flats

What hair trend from 2012 are you taking into 2013?

Cee you soon! ❤

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Ladies Night Out.. In Style


Oh Em Gee!! Yesterday was thee longest day of my life! Ok that was little dramatic but still lol it seemed like I was being attacked with issues left and right at work, I think I need a new gig! Anywho, despite the fact that I had to work the ENTIRE weekend, I just had to share my amazing friday night out with some FABULOUS divas! Ladies Night Out (LNO) started out, with of course, getting all glammed up, then all 22 of us loaded onto the Party Bus for shots, drinks, music and dancing with our final destination being Pearl Restaurant and Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island.

Pearl Lounge was definitely a grown and sexy spot, raising the bar for many nightclubs outside of NYC in the northeast! From the neon lit menus to the “pearl” stringed curtains covering the upper level of the lounge, this place gave us a truly chic atmosphere. The best part is since we had 22-person party full of beautiful ladies, the owner provided us the VIP area complimentary! WINNING! Lol Check it out!

Pearl Lounge
The Menu
The Ladies

There was also a live band, Elevation Theory. The band was established in Boston, MA., even though none of the members are from there. ELEVATION THEORY handles a variety of music genres including: Hip- Hop Rap & Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Alternative Rock, and Urban and New Adult Contemporary music.
They played some original materials as well as covered songs with my favorite covers ranging from Biggie, to the group Next, Silk and a little R. Kelly. One of their originals was pretty hot too! The singing was on point and the members playing the instruments definitely killed it! I’d definitely like to check them out again!

All in all, Rhode Island showed us a good time and Connecticut truly represented! Definitely looking forward to the next LNO! Check out my LNO outfit!!

Joie Blouse
Make-up from Smashbox | M.A.C | BH Cosmetics
Joie Blouse | Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket | Louis Vuitton Shawl Monogram Scarf | Necessary Objects Skirt | Target Leggings | Louis Vuitton Boots
Accessories of the night!

Cee you soon!! ❤

Sources: Pearl Lounge | Elevation Theory

Fashion Fix- 2 Broke Girls


So last night, I stumbled upon this show, “2 Broke Girls”, that has apparently been on for a while now.

(Peep the nude Loubis on Caroline, one of my favorites because of the RIDICULOUSLY cute bow detailing)

What stopped me though, was one of the characters’ outfits. When I tell you this dress was hot, it was HOT y’all! I was searching online all night for it since taking a picture of the tv just proved to be unsuccessful. It had all the fashion elements I love- ruffled sleeves and super girly, except no bow but we all know I can find a way to add that. Lol. Here’s a glimpse of it!


The character on the show is Caroline and from reading up on the show, I can definitely relate to her style. The show’s costume designer Trayce Field describes “Caroline” on as ” Classy, yet stylish, young fresh with her own slight twist on things.”




I love how the stylist/costume designer on the show, has the characters recycling accessories and clothes, like the necklace in the photos above, because I don’t know about y’all, but realistically nobody has the ability to put on new clothes EVERY day unless you’re just stupid rich!

The costume designer, Trayce Field is originally from Los Angeles, California. Trayce is inspired to create original characters for all media and projects in the entertainment industry, paying special attention to the unique details that make one an individual. She shops for the cast as well as makes the uniform worn in the show as pictured below.

I definitely look forward to seeing more fashion finds on the show!

Cee You Soon! ❤

Sources: | | | |

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Fashion Favorites in Rainy Connecticut


So, today was a rather ugly day in Connecticut! (insert sad face here) Rainy, cold, muddy and sluggy can definitely leave a girl fashionably unmotivated. Not to worry though, I brightened up the day with a pop of color! Can’t let the gloomy weather get you in slums!

Today I put on my “girl-on-the-go” glam favorites:
-arm candy (stacked bangles)
-oversized cocktail ring
-my favorite tribal print silk scarf
-equestrian style boots!

Check out my outfit of the day! 🙂


Jeans: H & M

Boots: Frye (Nordstrom)

P.S. I absolutely love the hat and gloves I found at Target! Who doesn’t LOVE Target?!! And yes those are bows (OBSESSED)



Thanks for stopping byyy 🙂

Cee you soon! <;3

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OBSESSED: Gertie and Baxter on Etsy!


Hope you guys are keeping warm where you are because it is cold over here in the Northeast!

So being the fashion addict that I am, I’m always on the lookout for new, unique clothing and accessories to update my wardrobe.

Etsy has become one of my favorite shopping sites because its filled with tons of boutique style businesses and can usually find things most people in my area won’t have. (Nobody wants to be a clone) Anywho, lol, I came across this amazingly chic store called Gertie & Baxter!

Gertie & Baxter is a super cute store filled with girly knit fashion accessories and fashion-forward home decorative pieces! Based out of LA, it was started by two interior design friends, Jen and Julie, with a passion for all things unique.

I love that they incorporate two things they love and that they are hands-on with they’re products- from choosing fabric, handcrafting products, photographing, modeling, listing, and packaging, their hands touch every piece they sell. Talk about embracing the brand! Gotta love the passion!

Check out some of my favorite Gertie & Baxter pieces!

Plaid infinity scarf with zipper and leather trim-LOVE

Fingerless gloves with bow detail- SUPER CUTE!! (Anyone who knows me knows I am OBSESSED with BOWS!!)

Knit headband/ear warmers with bow (you can never go wrong with bows! Trust me I know! Lol)

Chunky infinity scarf- Extremely on trend and upgrades any casual look in an instant!

These items and more are totally on my list for things I need before winter is over. So head on over.. go ahead you can do it, I’m more than positive you wont get into trouble just into some fashion 🙂

Cee you soon! <;3

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