OBSESSED: Gertie and Baxter on Etsy!


Hope you guys are keeping warm where you are because it is cold over here in the Northeast!

So being the fashion addict that I am, I’m always on the lookout for new, unique clothing and accessories to update my wardrobe.

Etsy has become one of my favorite shopping sites because its filled with tons of boutique style businesses and can usually find things most people in my area won’t have. (Nobody wants to be a clone) Anywho, lol, I came across this amazingly chic store called Gertie & Baxter!

Gertie & Baxter is a super cute store filled with girly knit fashion accessories and fashion-forward home decorative pieces! Based out of LA, it was started by two interior design friends, Jen and Julie, with a passion for all things unique.

I love that they incorporate two things they love and that they are hands-on with they’re products- from choosing fabric, handcrafting products, photographing, modeling, listing, and packaging, their hands touch every piece they sell. Talk about embracing the brand! Gotta love the passion!

Check out some of my favorite Gertie & Baxter pieces!

Plaid infinity scarf with zipper and leather trim-LOVE

Fingerless gloves with bow detail- SUPER CUTE!! (Anyone who knows me knows I am OBSESSED with BOWS!!)

Knit headband/ear warmers with bow (you can never go wrong with bows! Trust me I know! Lol)

Chunky infinity scarf- Extremely on trend and upgrades any casual look in an instant!

These items and more are totally on my list for things I need before winter is over. So head on over.. go ahead you can do it, I’m more than positive you wont get into trouble just into some fashion 🙂

Cee you soon! <;3

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