Fashion Fix- 2 Broke Girls


So last night, I stumbled upon this show, “2 Broke Girls”, that has apparently been on for a while now.

(Peep the nude Loubis on Caroline, one of my favorites because of the RIDICULOUSLY cute bow detailing)

What stopped me though, was one of the characters’ outfits. When I tell you this dress was hot, it was HOT y’all! I was searching online all night for it since taking a picture of the tv just proved to be unsuccessful. It had all the fashion elements I love- ruffled sleeves and super girly, except no bow but we all know I can find a way to add that. Lol. Here’s a glimpse of it!


The character on the show is Caroline and from reading up on the show, I can definitely relate to her style. The show’s costume designer Trayce Field describes “Caroline” on as ” Classy, yet stylish, young fresh with her own slight twist on things.”




I love how the stylist/costume designer on the show, has the characters recycling accessories and clothes, like the necklace in the photos above, because I don’t know about y’all, but realistically nobody has the ability to put on new clothes EVERY day unless you’re just stupid rich!

The costume designer, Trayce Field is originally from Los Angeles, California. Trayce is inspired to create original characters for all media and projects in the entertainment industry, paying special attention to the unique details that make one an individual. She shops for the cast as well as makes the uniform worn in the show as pictured below.

I definitely look forward to seeing more fashion finds on the show!

Cee You Soon! ❤

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