Ladies Night Out.. In Style


Oh Em Gee!! Yesterday was thee longest day of my life! Ok that was little dramatic but still lol it seemed like I was being attacked with issues left and right at work, I think I need a new gig! Anywho, despite the fact that I had to work the ENTIRE weekend, I just had to share my amazing friday night out with some FABULOUS divas! Ladies Night Out (LNO) started out, with of course, getting all glammed up, then all 22 of us loaded onto the Party Bus for shots, drinks, music and dancing with our final destination being Pearl Restaurant and Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island.

Pearl Lounge was definitely a grown and sexy spot, raising the bar for many nightclubs outside of NYC in the northeast! From the neon lit menus to the “pearl” stringed curtains covering the upper level of the lounge, this place gave us a truly chic atmosphere. The best part is since we had 22-person party full of beautiful ladies, the owner provided us the VIP area complimentary! WINNING! Lol Check it out!

Pearl Lounge
The Menu
The Ladies

There was also a live band, Elevation Theory. The band was established in Boston, MA., even though none of the members are from there. ELEVATION THEORY handles a variety of music genres including: Hip- Hop Rap & Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Alternative Rock, and Urban and New Adult Contemporary music.
They played some original materials as well as covered songs with my favorite covers ranging from Biggie, to the group Next, Silk and a little R. Kelly. One of their originals was pretty hot too! The singing was on point and the members playing the instruments definitely killed it! I’d definitely like to check them out again!

All in all, Rhode Island showed us a good time and Connecticut truly represented! Definitely looking forward to the next LNO! Check out my LNO outfit!!

Joie Blouse
Make-up from Smashbox | M.A.C | BH Cosmetics
Joie Blouse | Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket | Louis Vuitton Shawl Monogram Scarf | Necessary Objects Skirt | Target Leggings | Louis Vuitton Boots
Accessories of the night!

Cee you soon!! ❤

Sources: Pearl Lounge | Elevation Theory

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