Chopped and Renewed

Heyyyy y’all!

OMG I have been away wayyy too long! Have been going thorough alot with my health in all but I’m back y’all! Also have a new look, I know I mentioned before that I had decided to go natural, meaning growing out my permed straight hair and embracing my natural thick curl. Recently, I decided to big chop because it is kinda difficult to take care of two different hair textures so I boldly cut off all the perm!! This weekend was my first weekend going out with my little curly Afro lol but I love it! some friends and I went to this super chic lounge in West Hartford Center in Connecticut. Check me out!!



Peplum Top: Forever21 | Blazer: Nordstrom | Jeans: Paige Premium Denim | Jewelry: Forever21, Old Navy, Nordstrom | Shoes: Louis Vuitton Wedges | Clutch: Jimmy Choo | Makeup: MAC, BH Cosmetics, Smashbox

Promise not to be gone so long again and thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, follow me on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I really really appreciate it!

Cee You Soon <3!!!

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