Designer Spotlight: Alexis Mabille


Paris Fashion Week is well underway and from the looks of the street styles of attendees to the main events.. I am LOVING IT! This year, I’ve gotten the opportunity to find some designers I absolutely love other than everyone’s obvious top fashion houses, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and so on. While pinning away on Pinterest (by the way I am crazy addicted to Pinterest, there is just way too many amazing things on there!) Anywho, I stumbled upon designer Alexis Mabille.

Alexis Mabille launched his house in 2005 with the idea of designing for men and women, choosing his signature of the “bowtie” which is really a universal detail adding sweet and chic for the lady and trend and infinite style to the fella. Alexis is distinctive for blending tradition with sex appeal and an energy that reflects the times.

In his second pre-collection you’ll find flattering high waists, beautiful daily dresses, and an amazing feministic takes on menswear. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE love his signature bows (OF COURSE, I LOVE BOWS!!), delivered on the blouses cardigans and a little somethin’, somethin’ on the booty pocket.

Check out some of my favorite looks from the 2014 Pre Fall Collection.

Alexis Mabille Pre Fall2014 6

Crop tops are super chic this season. If your not into showing the belly like the lovely Kerry Washington, try pairing with a high waist skirt or trouser!

Alexis Mabille Pre Fall2014 3

Alexis Mabille Pre Fall2014 10

Alexis Mabille Pre Fall2014 8

Alexis Mabille Pre Fall2014 9

Maybe not something you would wear on the norm, but I LOVE the exaggerated matador look. I could see Singer/Cover Girl Janelle Monae rocking this for sure!

What’s your favorite look from Alexis Mabille?

Cee You Soon! ❤


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