Vacation Ready | Tory Burch Resort 2015

Hey y’all!

OMG I ALMOST DIED! Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but I was diagnosed with pneumonia! I couldn’t even believe it but I definitely felt horrible. Yesterday was my first day out of bed and back to work and I was super excited to see all the great new styles from the Tory Burch Resort Collection! I know most of you can’t even wrap your mind around warm weather right now judging by all the snowy and icy Facebook posts Ive been seeing on my timeline lol but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for when it gets warm!

For those who aren’t familiar with Tory Burch, Oprah loves her- i think that says enough right there lol. Tory is an amazing fashion designer who is well known for her Reva flats topped with her Double T Gold Logo named after her mom! Her brand was inspired by her parents who had amazing classic style by way of their clothes and home decor!


The 2015 Resort collection is inspired by the sun-bleached palette of painter Milton Avery (who also live in Connecticut-whoop whoop!); and features relaxed, structured and clean silhouettes. You will also notice the use of guipure lace and embroidery inspired by handkerchiefs owned by her mother. Super preppy with a side of sass! I love that her family inspires her designs!

Check out my favorite pieces from the collection!




How will you get vacay ready?!

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Retail Sales | The Cinderella of the Fashion Industry

What my family and friends think I do…

What I think I do…

What I really do…

Funny but all true. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE working with designer brands, amazing pieces straight off the runway, and people from different walks of life, but I have to admit..sometimes I can not deal! Lol

There are times when you get to work with some really amazing people who love your style, are open to trying something different and most importantly POLITE and RESPECTFUL.

Other times, I am left feeling unappreciated especially when most consumers almost look to you as a slave (I.e. bring me this, give me that, I need this, I’m in a rush, whats on sale, picking up clothes from the floor, and smelly feet lol but true)
I absolutely love my new role as a Visual Merchandiser as I get to use personal style and creativity to promote some pretty amazing pieces.

What’s your retail experience?

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Style Icon | Tracee Ellis Ross

Some of you may know her from her latest show Black-ish, or as the daughter of the great Diana Ross, but i refer to Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross as my style crush!
I have loved her from the hit television show Girlfriends. It’s funny because although her character was always wearing the latest and greatest designer apparel and accessories, I hated the way her looks were put together. As the show went on though, she just became super fabulous!- not only in front of the camera, but off screen too!
I love her modest but sexy style and her hair is to die for! She never tries to dress like someone she isn’t and although she doesn’t follow the crowd, she is always on trend! She is also super funny!
I must also give credit to her trusty stylist, Annabelle Harron for always keeping her on point!
Check out some of my favorite looks from Ms. Tracee!


Dress- Honor NYC | Shoes- Christian Louboutin


Dress- Elisabetta Franchi | Shoes- Christian Louboutin | Clutch- Rauwolf


Suit- Escada | Shoes- Gucci


Dress- Duro Olowu | Shoes- Christian Louboutin

You better WERK Ms. Tracee!! *two snaps*

Who is your style crush?

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2015 Fashion on Arrival

Heyyy yalll!

I hope you all are starting your year off on a good foot! Me on the other hand, I am reporting LIVE from my bed starting the year off with a cold! (eww) Lol

I don’t know about you guys but I swear 2014 just flew by. I am looking forward to making some improvements and having a full first year as a Florida resident!

Thank you so much to all my readers and followers for taking time out to read and share my blog!

Check out a few of my favorite looks of 2014!





Stay tuned for more fun fashion updates to come!

Cee You Soon! ❤