Retail Sales | The Cinderella of the Fashion Industry

What my family and friends think I do…

What I think I do…

What I really do…

Funny but all true. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE working with designer brands, amazing pieces straight off the runway, and people from different walks of life, but I have to admit..sometimes I can not deal! Lol

There are times when you get to work with some really amazing people who love your style, are open to trying something different and most importantly POLITE and RESPECTFUL.

Other times, I am left feeling unappreciated especially when most consumers almost look to you as a slave (I.e. bring me this, give me that, I need this, I’m in a rush, whats on sale, picking up clothes from the floor, and smelly feet lol but true)
I absolutely love my new role as a Visual Merchandiser as I get to use personal style and creativity to promote some pretty amazing pieces.

What’s your retail experience?

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Cee You Soon! ❤

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