This Week in Chic

Hey yall!I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. My weekend was filled with dialysis treatment, dealing with my Lupus flare up or joint and muscle pains, so definitely not super fun. I did however get to spend time with my family and finally found an AMAZING Jamaican restaurant in Orlando! Their oxtails were on … Continue reading This Week in Chic

This Week in Chic | Monochromatic Edition

Hey yall!Thanks for stopping by! If you're new here then Hey Girl Heyyy! LolIn today's edition of This Week in Chic. We are taking a look at some of my favorite celebrity looks. It looks like monochromatic styling is definitely going strong for another year. For those of you who are not too familiar with … Continue reading This Week in Chic | Monochromatic Edition

This Week in Chic!

Hey yalll!I had to share with you all my favoritr celevrity looks of the week. Instagram has filled my life with some great fashion finds. Check out the looks I found !Jessica Alba looking absolutely fierce in this peach ensamble! I love her swing coat and high waisted wideleg pants!  Monica is killing the game with … Continue reading This Week in Chic!

Style Guide | What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Hey yall!Since today is Friday, I had to take it back to one of my favorite moments before I started to feel really sick. I had the opportunity to attend one of my good friend's wedding! She looked amazing, but I must say, I find it hard to shop for winter wedding events! You never … Continue reading Style Guide | What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Street Style | Paris Fashion Week

Heyyy Yall!"Sometimes fashion doesn't need a runway, just a sidewalk!" -Ciara SmithCheck out some of my favorite looks during Paris Fashion Week 2015!These looks are absolutely amazing. I love a good high waisted wide leg pant. I can't deny a great jacket whether cropped or trenches. And how about those shoes?!!! How do you work you … Continue reading Street Style | Paris Fashion Week

Style Icon | Solange Knowles

Hey Yall!As you may or may not know, Paris Fashion Week is underway. While everyone is feasting their eyes on the Fashion Shows and obsessing over Kanye and Kim's new hair, I have spotted one of my favorite style crushes.Solange Knowles is absolutely killing it in Paris. She has definitely made a name for herself … Continue reading Style Icon | Solange Knowles

Designer Highlights | Tory Burch Spring 2015

Heyy yall! I am super excited to share the latest Spring collections from Tory Burch. There is so much amazing color, prints and patterns and let's not forget the fabulous fits! This Spring, Tory buntings us a North Africans and Moroccan vintage feel through fashion, music and interior designs.The collection is inspired by the movie Performance and … Continue reading Designer Highlights | Tory Burch Spring 2015

Style Icon | Instagram’s Top Fashionista

Heyyy y'all!I'm sure from the title your first guess was probably Beyoncé and as much as I love her, there has been one lady that I have literally grown up adoring and she has been blowing up the style scene on Instagram. She Is...BARBIE! Yes Barbie, the doll made by the Mattel toy company. She has always … Continue reading Style Icon | Instagram’s Top Fashionista