This Week in Chic!

Hey Yall! 

Happy Monday! I know this is everyone’s dreaded day after the weekend but let’s keep it positive! Fashion always makes me happy and brightens my day so I must share my favorite looks of the week. I know I am a bit late but I just got approved to return to work from medical leave! (Holla/Clap it up for YA girl!) lol.
Check out my favorite looks!

Scarlet Johansson in an amazing one piece jump suit.

Jennifer Lopez looking spicy in Versace.

Keke Palmer in some sassy looks. I am usually not for high slits and mid drifts, but I think she looks amazing! I prefer her long hair to the short look. 

Blake Lively in an awesome see through jumpsuit and I LOVE how she covered it without hiding the style. 
What is your favorite look?
Share and Be Heard!
Cee You Soon!❤️

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