This Week in Chic

I’m like Hey, What’s up, HELLO!! 

Hey ya’ll! Lol.
This lupus fighter is having a good week so far, feeling good and not very achy, so I am WINNING and I hope you are too!
Of course, I am here for some fashion sharing with my favorite celebrity looks I discovered this week. 
Most of them are from my style crushes but they all look amazing. I love the sexy, classy elegance displayed from all my choices because I am definitely not one to show major skin and definitely believe that you can cover up and still be flyer than ever! 
Moving from CT to FL was definitely a shocker because everybody here is naked lol and I am so use to layering. 
Anywho, check out my favorite looks this week!


Solange in Stephane Rolland Paris

Keke Palmer

Tracee Ellis Ross in Tracey Reese

Who was your favorite?
Share and Be Heard!
Cee You Soon!❤️

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