Modesty Over Everything!

Heyyy Ya’ll! 

This weekend was just great. Although I’m still managing my Lupus, Kidney Disease, and my blood count is critically low and it made me tired, I felt spiritually refreshed from attending the regional convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Beyond all the encouragement that I received from the different talks given using the bible, through out the days, one word came to my mind… MODESTY. 
Trust me, everyone wants to look their best when we are attending anything and maybe one of your aims in addition to gaining spiritual information is finding a mate. However, there is no reason for you to compromise your dignity to be cute or find someone special.
Some suggestions I find helpful are:
Watch the lengths- a mini skirt is probably not going to attract your Prince Charming and you don’t have to be half naked to look good. Your skirt or dress doesn’t have to be to the ankle, so maybe try the midi length. The midi looks amazing with a sassy pump or heel and even flats.
Tight ain’t always right- I always like to keep in mind that just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits. An extremely tight outfit might get you unwanted attention or an outfit malfunction that you are too far away from home to fix.. Think about it! 
Undergarment Check- please remember to where the correct pieces under your fit. Panty lines and thong lines aren’t sexy and Spanx are not just for bigger people, it’s to smooth everything out. Get you some!  
Check out some looks I have created that will keep you classy and cute!

How do you keep it modest?
Share and Be Heard!
Cee You Soon! ❤️ 

2 thoughts on “Modesty Over Everything!

  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing. I agree with you, showing more doesn’t mean you look better or that it will attract him. If only we could spread the word on that piece, lol. I love the looks that you showcased and will keep you in my prayers. One of my sisters also has Lupus and another one had near kidney failure however I was able to donate a kidney to her.
    I wish you all the best and much success with your blog/mission and your message!

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