Fall Boots | Get Into It!

Heyy yall!

Fall is coming upon us and I am here for it! Since my location stays pretty steamy, I can’t layer like I usually love to being burn and raised in Connecticut; but I REFUSED to give up my love for boots!
Check out some of my top favorite boot styles that you NEED in your life and in your closet! 
The Bootie
I love a good Bootie, it gives you height and walk-ability but allows you to still wear it in a warmer temp with dresses, skirts and shorts if you’re a bold one! 

The Over the Knee Boot
This boot style is my all time favorite! Great with a shift dress, or some super cute skinnys. Whether they have a heel or are flat, they are chic and never go out of style!

The Riding Boot
No longer just for riding horses but everybody needs a good riding boot. Makes any causal look a bit more effortlessly stylish.

The Wedge Boot
A wedge is always a good idea. Typical more comfortable than a regulate heel so you can strut your stuff this confidence!

The Stretch Boot
For the ladies who can’t fit their calf in the all leather boots, these are great for you! Ease and comfort in putting them on and can go from dressy to casual!

I don’t know about yall, but I am
Ready to pull out my OTK boots ASAP!
Which boot will you be rockin this fall/winter season?
Share and Be Heard!
Cee You Soon!❤️

One thought on “Fall Boots | Get Into It!

  1. My fave is the riding boot and I rock them from fall thru spring, pretty much. I’ve bought quite a few over the years trying to find the perfect pair. I’m not quite there yet but I have 2 pair that I’m pretty comfy with now. Maybe this year I’lol find THE pair that won’t break the bank! 🙂

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