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Hey yall!Day 10 of my hospital stay for my broken catheter and low blood count and I am Ret -Ta- Go! Lupus and Chronic Kidney Disease is really trying to kick my butt, but I won't go down without and fight! Grateful for having enough energy to blog from the bed, have to look on [...]


Fashion Doll

Hey yall!Still in the hospital (womp womp), but it gives me the opportunity to find cool fashion stuff and most importantly talk to you guys Duhh lolSince I was little, i have been a lover of Barbie. My mom got my all the different race Barbies and their cool accessories. As I got older though, [...]

Dressed in Dresses

Hey yall!Reporting to you from my hospital bed since my catheter for my kidneys decided to stop working this weekend...smhAnywho fashion never fades in my world so I must update you the must have for this season..DRESSES! Now everyone isn't a dress person because I certainly was not but I have come to embrace them [...]