Fashion Doll

Hey yall!

Still in the hospital (womp womp), but it gives me the opportunity to find cool fashion stuff and most importantly talk to you guys Duhh lol

Since I was little, i have been a lover of Barbie. My mom got my all the different race Barbies and their cool accessories. As I got older though, I found it more fun to style humans lol. Of course I am obsessed with designer fashion, and I came across models Elizabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak who have been transformed into real-life designer Barbie dolls for Vogue Paris.

When I first saw the photos, I immediately thought “I’ve got to have these”, not realizing they were real people lol. Funny thing is that when I looked at them I thought “OMG these look so real” lol! 

Check out my favorites from Chanel to Louis Vuitton and more! 

Which one is your favorite?

Share and Be Heard!

Cee you soon!❤️

Photos :

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