Favorites to Follow on Instagram 

Hey yall!

Day 10 of my hospital stay for my broken catheter and low blood count and I am Ret -Ta- Go! Lupus and Chronic Kidney Disease is really trying to kick my butt, but I won’t go down without and fight! Grateful for having enough energy to blog from the bed, have to look on the bright side right?! Any-who, I know Instagram can be obnoxious at times but I found some people that I really find to be inspiring, outgoing, persistent and super stylish.
Check out my favorite Instagram fashionistas

Jordan is my most favorite to follow because her situation helps me to remember that I can make it through my kidney failure & lupus even when I have rough times. She doesn’t allow her disability to steal her happiness or her amazing style and love for fashion and beauty. 

One of the first people I found that I absolutely loved for their style! She is literally always on point!

Stylist & Blogger out of Orlando, Florida, I stumbled upon Melanie’s blog when I moved to Orlando. She is super spunky, fashion forward and inspires me to get focused on personal styling.

Helena is a fabulous blogger who never fails at bringing is class and style. She is truly a favorite and one who has inspired my desire to blog.

Emelina is not a blogger but is from my home town In Connecticut. She was someone I looked up to in school; Career driven, Super sweet, amazingly stylish, and not afraid to break the rules in fashion! 

Kahlana is an Editor for InStyle. I love the was she steps out of the box with fashion.

Absolutely love his style! Lewis takes men’s fashion to another level and while he is super confident he is never arrogant and always sweet!

Malika has great style and is focused on her business! She motivates me to push forward with personal styling as well.

Fashion stylist, Consultant and Author, Ashleigh has amazing style and is great at reworking her pieces to look different.

CandeLisa is has a gorgeous sense of style and amazingly fashion forward. 

Editor In Chief of the amazing blog @FashionBombDaily. She inspired my blog start up with her style and perseverance.
Who are your favorite Instagrammers?
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Cee you soon!❤️
Photos: Instagram.com

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