Necessary Accessories | Handbag Styles you should Own

Hey Y’all!
I hope you all are FABULOUS! Let’s talk HANDBAGS!

The perfect pair to a fabulous outfit is a great handbag! Sometimes it can make or break an outfit if you choose the wrong handbag pieces. Every woman needs the following key styles in their closet to maintain class and versatile. Those styles include a Clutch, Wristlet, Cross body, Hobo, Satchel and the Tote bag. Check out some of my favorite styles this season and how they can work for you!

Clutches and Wristlets are great for a night out or for those who really don’t like to eat a handbags. The clutch gives you a chic look and the wristlet won’t make you worry about putting it down while you’re out because it can just hang on your wrist! Both perfect for your essential needs, (I.e. Cards, cash, phone and most importantly, lipgloss!  And if you plan for happy hour  after work, a clutch or Wristlet can easily be tossed in your daily bag until you’re ready to go!

Cross body styles are great to have because they help you to be hands free. I love the ones that have the card slots inside the wall of the bag so you don’t have to find a small wallet. I tend to go to cross body bags when Lupus is causing me to have a flare up where the joints in my hands are swollen and hurt. Not to mention, these are definitely coachella worthy!

Hobo style bags usually have one should strap and slouch under the arm. This style bag give you a easy, carefree look.

Satchels have got to be my go to handbag style! I love the sassy look it gives you when wearing it handheld or on the forearm. Most times, you’ll find that a satchel comes with a shoulder strap for those times you need to be hands free!

Lastly, the tote bag is an important piece to any handbag collection. Great for everyday use and perfect for travel. If you go for a nylon tote, you can keep it stored in your leather bag and when the weather isn’t so great, (rain or snow), you can put your leather bag inside of the tote to keep it from getting ruined!
What handbag styles do you need to add to your closet?
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