What to Wear to a Wedding!

Heyy Yall! 

It is definitely that time of the year when love rains supreme in all things white, sparkly and 
Yes, I am talking about that special day when a beautiful couple unites in eternal love and we all know that such a memorable day can be ruined by the ignorance of a terribly dressed guest.
Today, we’ll talk about how to look your best as a guest at a wedding without showing up or embarrassing the bride..or yourself.
• I definitely don’t think it’s a good ideas to wear white to a wedding unless it’s requested by the bride as part of the wedding theme.
• Also, I know coincidences happen, but don’t try to coordinate your often to the bridal party colors. If the bride wanted that, she’d include you in the wedding.
• Ultimately, when choosing a wedding outfit, DON’T OUTSHINE THE BRIDE!

Check out some ideas for those who prefer to wear a dress, skirt or pants to the special event; because nobody wants to be “THAT” girl.


What will you be wearing this wedding season?

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Cee You Soon! ❤️

Photos : created with polyvore.com

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