4 Ways to Adjust your Style to your Weight Gain

Hey y’all! So I’ve been STRUGGLINGGGGG! lol

After a few surgeries & different treatments to try to maintain my health from #kidneyfailure and managing my #lupus condition, I have not been feeling the cutest and have grown a little pudge. SMH. This hasn’t been easy, especially as a blogger that talks about style, you kind of have an obligation to look great DAILY, even when you may not feel up to it or have clothes that fit! Not to mention once you’ve gained a bit of weight, sometimes it’s hard to except that you can’t fit into your once favorite designer jeans and designer blouses. 

Before you start to see those gym results #pushthru, instead of buying a new wardrobe, add pieces you can wear during your transition stage. Handbags ALWAYS fit! Who doesn’t love a good shoe? When can you ever go without some statement jewelry pieces? And don’t forget accessories!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season and since I live in Florida, I’ve had to switch out my favorite outerwear pieces for a bit more weather friendly things. 

Check out some of my favorite styles that don’t require #Spanx lol

1. Convertible bags

2. Chunky heels & Over-The-Knee (OTK) Boots

3. Statement Jewelry

4. Hats & Scarves

What’s your favorite size-less fashion pieces?
Tell me, tell me, I wanna know below! 
Cee you soon!❤️

Photos: Nordstrom.com

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