How to be Cute and Warm in the Winter Weather

Hey y’all!

There is NEVER a good time or reason to not look your best even if it’s cold or you are on your deathbed! If the later is the case, y’all better get me my best wig and my favorite tinted moisturizer OKAY! LOL

Since you can’t stay in the house hibernating all winter, LAYERING is the KEY to keeping warm while you are still being cute in the freezing temps. Sweaters, turtlenecks and thermals are great pieces to use for layering. They are great because you remove a layer or two once you’re inside.

I also love a good hat,scarf and glove set. If they are are all the same color, you can wear them with different duke and color coats.

The right boots will keep you warm and free from falling! Rain boots are great because they have grip on the sole and you can wear a thick sock to keep your toes warm. Knee boots keep your ankles from getting soaked in the knee deep snow banks and uggs are my favorite because they are lined with sherling.

Checkout some ways you can keep it cute in the cold!

Coat | Sweater | Bottoms | Boots | Handbag | Hat | Gloves | Earrings | Bracelet

Faux Fur Vest | Sweater | Top | Bottoms | Boots | Handbag | Bracelets | Hat | Gloves (similiar)| Sunglasses

Coat | Top | Bottoms | Boots | Handbag | Hat Set | Gloves | Sunglasses | Earrings

Coat | Top | Bottoms | Boots | Handbag | Hat Set | Gloves | Statement Necklace (similiar) | Watch
How will you stay CUTE AND WARM this winter season?
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