How to Dress for your Body Type | Pear- Shaped

Hey Y’all
So I know sometimes it can be difficult to find clothing that fits your body, whether you’ve gained weight from treating yourself or your body has changed from medications to treat a condition you have, like myself with Lupus.
Everyone hates that moment they go into the fitting room and absolutely NOTHING fits and that just kills any shopping trip and it also kills any health regimen I am on because then I just want to go eat something to cure the disappointment. LOL.
However, knowing your body shape can truly be helpful in shopping online or shopping in store without having to try things on, until you get home with the good lighting, the good wig and good makeup OKAY! Today we are going to talk about the Pear- Shaped Body Type.

“Pear- Shaped is used to describe a body that is slender on top and wider on the bottom, through the hips and thighs. When looking for tops, you want to find pieces that will show off your upper body while creating a fuller illusion at the right places to achieve balance with your larger hips. Try styles that are fitted with a deep v-neck, scoop neck; horizontal stripes, larger lapel jackets and tops with shoulder details and embellishments. I love a little curviness, so for bottoms, I love dark denim that fit great at the hip in a skinny style or straight leg or a great A-line skirt. Wrap dresses also are a great style for really any body type.
Take a look at some ways you can style a Pear-Shaped Body!



Top | Jacket | Bottom | Shoe | Statement Bag | Sunglasses


Top | Blazer | Bottom | Shoe | Statement Bag |Belt | Sunglasses


Top (similar) | Jacket | Bottom | Shoe | Statement Bag (similar) 


Does your Pear- Shaped body frustrate you? Are you adjusting to a new body shape? How do you style your Pear- Shaped body?

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Cee You Soon! ❤


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