How to Style Jeans at Any Age

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The other day I was watching the news and they told me, lol, that people that are at the age of 50 or older shouldn’t be wearing jeans and that most 50 year olds or older cry when they shop for jeans and have added stress.

After styling clients of all ages in denim for well over 10 years, I totally disagree with this report! Here’s what you should know… Don’t think of age when you dress! Wear what you like and what fits your body most importantly!

There are three things that are really important when shopping for jeans though.

Get the correct size.

Many people think that when you try on jeans at the store, they should fit a bit loose, but that’s the wrong thinking. You actually want them to fit snug but not uncomfortably snug because as you where them through the day, they stretch a bit and nobody wants to be wearing saggy jeans. That isn’t flattering at all. Depending on the brand you may have to size down from your usual size.

Find the right style and color.

Darker colored jeans tend to make you look slimmer and is always a favorite of mine. Choose a rise that makes you feel comfortable. A mid-rise jean tends to be comfortable at any age, especially if you aren’t comfortable with showing skin in a low rise or don’t like a high-waisted jean.

Have a great tailor.

It kills me to see any women wearing jeans that are dragging the floor, so be sure to have your jeans hemmed to your favorite shoe length. Many times, your tailor can keep the original hem so don’t fret thinking you may lose detail. Also, if you find that you get gapping at the back of your waist, a good tailor can fix that too!

Here’s some ways you can style your jeans, no matter how old you are!


Skinny Jeans

Sweater |Denim | Handbag (similar) | Sunglasses | Shoes


Flare Leg Jeans

Top | Denim | Shoes | Handbag |Bangles


Straight Leg Jeans

Sweater | Denim | Shoes | Handbag |Sunglasses


Bootcut Jeans

Top (different color) | Denim | Boots | Handbag | Sunglasses


What denim style are you rocking?
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