Outfit Ideas for the Black Panther Movie

Hey y’all!

The time has come…Black Panther is Here! Funny thing is I am so not a superhero geek; and when I say geek, I mean I don’t know the character backgrounds, whether they’re from Marvel or DC, but I love a good action movie and I’m excited to see this.

And from what I can see on Instagram, the Shade Room and Facebook, people have been showing up and showing out in celebrating the release of this movie with some African and “Coming to America” Inspired looks!

If you didn’t get a chance to go see the movie last night, check out some outfit ideas to get you all the way prepared for a grand red carpet entrance to the movie theatre!







What will you wear to the Black Panther Movie?

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Cee You Soon! 💜


Photos: Created with Polyvore.com


4 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas for the Black Panther Movie

  1. Great outfits. I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve been loving all of the beautiful outfits that people are wearing in honor of the film. #BLMGirls

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