Bad Customer Service and the Red Bag

Heyy y’all!

It’s the weekend and I’m so grateful for it! Although I’m unable to work due to my battle with Lupus and Kidney Failure my weekdays are pretty draining. Because of this lord knows I needed some retail therapy! Unfortunately, Customer service has gone down the drain but thank goodness for online shopping! So I still treated myself to this little red number right here called Margaux!

I found this Kate Spade piece when I was on my way to lunch with my momma. Crazy that I spotted it in the window AFTER I commented on a Kate Spade Facebook Ad saying how it would be gorgeous in a red because it was only in black, blue or tan. They probably should have given it to me for free after my suggestion LOL…but FR FR

Anywho, the girl who approached us was super nice but I wasn’t prepared to buy that day. I went back a few days later, but she wasn’t there so I ordered online to get all the discounts & the Ebates Cash Back perks!

When I went in to pick up my order the tone was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Although they greeted me when I entered the store, they didn’t even try to add on to the sale, talk to me about care of the leather and bag and after I was looking around at the jewelry & the smart watch that monitors the heart rate which is perfect for me because of my conditions and the manager & associate literally just stood behind the register! I was so annoyed I’ve been thinking about returning it!

I’m probably the worse customer service critic because I’ve managed in high end designer stores for over 10 years and I want to be treated like I treated my clients, but these stores today are terrible at it! The bag is cute so I guess I’ll keep it but I’m still bothered by the experience and really that is a lot of the reason why we purchase! Because of the way it makes you feel! Check out the culprit lol and how I styled it!

Top: Boohoo Body Suit | Bottom: Boohoo Skirt | Handbag : Kate Spade New York Margaux | Shoes: Vicenza Dorsay Bow Flats | Accessories: Chanel Broach, Forever21 Bangles, Michele Watch, David Yurman Ring & Bow Bracelet

What’s your worse Customer Service Experience?

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Cee You Soon! 💜

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