Nails on a Budget

Hey y’all

So this post is inspired by a conversation started by my blogger favorite Trina over at Babyshopa blog. She had been having a hard time finding a good place to get hr nails done and I totally forgot to suggest to her press on nails!

I have have been wearing press on nails for about three years now and I absolutely love them! I started wearing them because with Lupus most of the times my hands are swollen and sore so I really didn’t see myself going to a nail shop and having someone touch my hands and not really understand that they may be hurting me. Plus I rather pay $8 for a set that will last me 2weeks or more than several dollar and have to keep up the maintence…NO THANKS!

The press on nails allow you to be super versatile and you can change it up as needed or when you get bored! They’re easy to take off with some acetone. When I don’t have a chance to make my own custom set, I look for them just about everywhere; Walmart, Target, Walgreens and I’ve even found some at the Dollar Tree.. YES GIRL THE DOLLAR TREE LOL

My favorite brand next to my own lol has to be Kiss Nails and Impress Nails by Kiss.

Check out some of my favorite nail looks!

Excuse my dry looking hands lol but these were my absolute favorite set from Static Nails

KISS Nails Set

My sisters let me hook them up!

Would you try press on nails?

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Cee you soon!💜

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