Happy National Nail Polish Day!

Heyy Yall!

Happy first day of Summer and National Nail Polish Day!

If you know me, you know I have always been obsessed with nail polish and doing my nails. Getting my nails done has always been a way for me to promote self care especially with dealing with a chronic illness like Lupus.

Of course, since Lupus cause me to be super cautious in the way that my hands are handled because of joint pain, inflammation, dryness and soreness, I’m not able to go to a salon for a regular manicure in fear that I might get hurt. Because of this, I have created my own line of Custom Press On Nails which I design with different colors, art, shapes, sizes and lasts up to two weeks. They are super easy to put on, comes with nail glue or glue stickers, so you can switch them out and stay fabulous!

Some of my favorite nail polish trends for the summer season are White Nails, Metallic Nails, Rainbow Nails, Floral Nails, Nude & Neon Nails, Coral Nails and Neutral Nails. Check out some of the nail sets I’ve created and be sure to get you some!

Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails

Metallic Nails

Metallic Nails

White Nails

White Nails

What’s your favorite nail polish trend?

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Cee You Soon!

Photos: Instagram- @ceethrufashion, @essie

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