Saturday Style Sessions |Mixing Prints

Hey yall!

Happy Saturday and Welcome back to my weekly blog feature, Saturday Style Session. Today we are talking about spicing up your outfit by mixing prints. I actually got this idea from one of my long time Nordstrom friends Dannette! Hey Girl Heyy! LOL! Some people find it hard to follow this fashion look but it really can be easy if you remember these simple tips that I found work well!

First, match the colors not the prints. Choose the main color of your outfit and the prints wont matter at all because the one color brings it all together.

Second, remember that stripes are considered neutrals! If you’re still not confident enough to go full out mixing up your prints, stripes are the easiest way to start!

Third, you can try matching the same print or pattern in a different colors! An example of this would be all leopard print but the top is blue leopard print and the bottom is green leopard print!
Also, mix prints with different pattern sizes. This could be where the print is hearts except the top has smaller hearts and the bottom has larger hearts or vice versa.
Finally, you can always use your accessories to mix prints. Printed shoes, bags, belts or hats easily add some razzle dazzle to any outfit! 
Check out some looks you can try!

mixed prints outfit 1

Dress- Stella McCartney |Hat- San Diego Hat| Ring- Dean Davidson| Belt- Raina Penelope Dragon Belt  |Shoe-Jessica Simpson (similar)| Handbag- Saint Laurent 


mixed prints outfit 2

Top- Equipment| Bottom- Maison Common (similar)| Necklace- Lele Sedoughi |Earrings- Uncommon James | Bangles- Target (similar)| Handbag- Saint Laurent (similar) | Shoes- Marc Fisher


mixed prints outfit 3

Dress- Trina Turk |Earrings- Ettika| Necklace- NEST Jewelry| Bracelets- Target | Shoe- Isabel Marant| Handbag- the VOLON Gabi

How do you mix your prints?

Share and Be Heard! Cee You Soon!💜

Photos: created by Ciara Smith on

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