Combat Boots have Made a Comeback!

Hey Y’all!

I’m usually not one to follow a trend, but this season, I have surrendered myself to the trend of the combat boot!

Dress- Boohoo | Leather Leggings- Spanx | Handbag- Vintage Chanel | Boots- Christian Louboutin | Jewelry – Michele, Hermès, David Yurman | Headband- Amazon

Combat boots have always been a symbol of youthful rebellion. For instance, I remember when Will Smith, Prince if rebellion and mischief, broke out his Doc Martens on a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I had never been a huge fan of combat boots because I never felt that I could make them fit my girly style and only really ever used them when I was on my step teams in junior high and high school. However, I loooove these Christian Louboutin boots that my favorite salesperson, Rochelle, found for me at the Nordstrom NYC Flagship Store! (She’s amazing so check her out!)

Hip Hop has always been known for being hardcore and street which is why the combat boot became an immediate staple in hip-hop culture and streetwear after stylist Misa Hylton styled Mary J. Blige in some combat boots with a tennis skirt in a video for her first album in the 90s!

And who could forget TLC who always rocked a combat boot with baggy clothes!

The combat boot is a perfect example of the recycling of fashion styles between decades.

How are you rocking your combat boots?!

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Cee You Soon!💜

Photos: Laquan White (brother), Pinterest

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