Clothing Rack Blk White

Virtual Styling
3-5 Shoppable looks created specifically for you after completion of the style questionnaire.

Image Consultation
One on one evaluation of your current style after completion of the style questionnaire. 

Wardrobe Styling/Closet Revamp
Creates new outfit ideas and redefine your style with your existing wardrobe. Revamp- remove old styles & add new pieces.

Personal Shopping
Find the best fitting and most versatile pieces within your specific budget.

Visual Merchandising
Setting and refreshing store sales floors with current and incoming product. Styling tables and mannequins to bring in clientele.  

I am always looking to take on new clients for personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and visual merchandising. Please send all business inquires to or reach me by phone at (860) 630-0648 I look forward to hearing from you, and don’t forget to follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram 


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