Fashion Doll

Hey yall!Still in the hospital (womp womp), but it gives me the opportunity to find cool fashion stuff and most importantly talk to you guys Duhh lolSince I was little, i have been a lover of Barbie. My mom got my all the different race Barbies and their cool accessories. As I got older though, … Continue reading Fashion Doll

Designer Highlights | Chanel SS15

Heyyyy Y'all!So sad to be so far from the borders of New York and missing out on Fashion Week Festivities, but I couldn't help but stalk one of my favorite fashion brands; CHANEL!!This Spring Karl Lagerfeld focused subliminally on Women's Rights, but my focus was on the amazing color palette, fabulous cropped and trench jackets, … Continue reading Designer Highlights | Chanel SS15

Outfit of the Day | Cardigans and Dresses

Heyyy! Had a fabulous Sunday off, enjoyed some banging Jamaican Oxtails and Rice food, I know.. GREEDY lol I got to also have a wonderful Monday night! Weather wasn't too shabby and the most important day to commemorate Jesus Death and all he has done for us today in covering over our sins! Such a … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Cardigans and Dresses

This Week in Chic!

Heyyy!!! Oh, how I love when celebrities show up and show out! Found some really cute looks this weekend that we can be inspired by while sliding our way into the spring season. Check out my favorite looks in my weekly feature of This Week in Chic! Kate Hudson in Elisabetta Franchi Jessica Alba Naomi … Continue reading This Week in Chic!

Summer Time Fine in All White

Heyyy y'all It's Summa Summa Summa Timmeeee (in my best Ashley Banks singing voice) Lol. I was kinda bummed to find out that I missed out on a great bloggers conference, Blogging While Brown in New York, featuring an amazing panel of successful brown-skinned bloggers- Necole, creator behind; Angel Laws, founder of; Claire … Continue reading Summer Time Fine in All White

Designer Highlights: Chanel SS13

Heyy! With New York Fashion Week right around the corner, I figured I'd share some of the latest and greatest from one of the top fashion houses in the world! In reality, I can not afford Chanel, so I am thankful it doesn't cost a THANG to take a peek at the latest collection! Chanel … Continue reading Designer Highlights: Chanel SS13