How to be Cute and Warm in the Winter Weather

Hey y'all! There is NEVER a good time or reason to not look your best even if it's cold or you are on your deathbed! If the later is the case, y'all better get me my best wig and my favorite tinted moisturizer OKAY! LOL Since you can't stay in the house hibernating all winter, … Continue reading How to be Cute and Warm in the Winter Weather

Fashion Favorites in Rainy Connecticut

Heyyyy! So, today was a rather ugly day in Connecticut! (insert sad face here) Rainy, cold, muddy and sluggy can definitely leave a girl fashionably unmotivated. Not to worry though, I brightened up the day with a pop of color! Can't let the gloomy weather get you in slums! Today I put on my "girl-on-the-go" … Continue reading Fashion Favorites in Rainy Connecticut

Rainy Day Wear

Heyyyy What a day today was! Rainy, dreary, cold and yucky! But that doesn't mean you have to look that way lol Check out my outfit of the day! Cardigan | Nordstrom Top | Polo Jeans | True Religion Brand Jeans Boot | Frye Jewelry | Forever21, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom Nail Polish | Essie Fiji … Continue reading Rainy Day Wear