Spring Fashion Favorites

Hello Hello girlies!Spring is almost upon us! I know that from hearing from some of my up north people, y'all got a taste of some of my 80 degree Florida weather.What better way to celebrate spring than to update your wardrobe with some fab and fun pieces! I mean I never need an excuse to … Continue reading Spring Fashion Favorites

Favorites to Follow on Instagram 

Hey yall!Day 10 of my hospital stay for my broken catheter and low blood count and I am Ret -Ta- Go! Lupus and Chronic Kidney Disease is really trying to kick my butt, but I won't go down without and fight! Grateful for having enough energy to blog from the bed, have to look on … Continue reading Favorites to Follow on Instagram¬†

Fall 70s Trend featuring Tory Burch

Heyy yalll!Summer is creepin on out and Fall is almost here! I love Fall, it's my favorite season because you can always find the best clothes! I'm in Florida now so I don't get the cool weather for very long but that still doesn't stop me from covering my favorite pieces from Tory Burch! The Tory … Continue reading Fall 70s Trend featuring Tory Burch

Modesty Over Everything!

Heyyy Ya'll! This weekend was just great. Although I'm still managing my Lupus, Kidney Disease, and my blood count is critically low and it made me tired, I felt spiritually refreshed from attending the regional convention of Jehovah's Witnesses.Beyond all the encouragement that I received from the different talks given using the bible, through out the … Continue reading Modesty Over Everything!

This Week in Chic

I'm like Hey, What's up, HELLO!! Hey ya'll! Lol.This lupus fighter is having a good week so far, feeling good and not very achy, so I am WINNING and I hope you are too!Of course, I am here for some fashion sharing with my favorite celebrity looks I discovered this week. Most of them are from my … Continue reading This Week in Chic

This Week in Chic!

Hey Yall!I hope my fashionistas are having an amazing week so far. It's FRIDAY EVE! Lol. Today I am bringing you some of my favorite celebrity looks based on my current love affair with spring. Don't mean to rub it in, but Florida feels great today. Get into all the great color, rompers and one … Continue reading This Week in Chic!

Designer Highlight | Lily Pulitzer x Target

Hey Yall!Hope you all are having a fabulous last day of your weekend! So I am going to be completely honest. I was not hype about this collaboration of Lily Pulitzer and Target! While Target is my absolute favorite place to get sucked into, lol, I have never been a fan of Lily Pulitzer. Printed … Continue reading Designer Highlight | Lily Pulitzer x Target