Bad Customer Service and the Red Bag

Heyy y'all! It's the weekend and I'm so grateful for it! Although I'm unable to work due to my battle with Lupus and Kidney Failure my weekdays are pretty draining. Because of this lord knows I needed some retail therapy! Unfortunately, Customer service has gone down the drain but thank goodness for online shopping! So … Continue reading Bad Customer Service and the Red Bag


Outfit of the Day | Stripes

Hey y'all! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I honestly didn't do much but was grateful not to have too bad of Lupus pain and was able to get a little cute on Sunday! I was feeling my stripes on stripes look. Stripes can be tricky and I've always been told that horizontal … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Stripes

Style Guide | Buy Your Size!

Heyy Y'all It has definitely been a while since we last spoke but with my Lupus and complications with my Hemodialysis access, its been a bumpy end of 2018. Today's post is inspired by a Facebook post from one of my followers that spoke to my heart y'all! It said the following " A little … Continue reading Style Guide | Buy Your Size!

Athleisure Style

Hey Y'all I hope you are having a fabulous day so far! In light of Saturday, September 22nd being National Legwear Day (who knew there was an actual day for this), I wanted to share some ways you can style your leggings without necessarily looking like you are headed for the gym. Athleisure wear has … Continue reading Athleisure Style

Budget Friendly Summer Looks | Under $50

Heyy Y'all! I know Fall is basically around the corner, but here in Florida, we are still about to catch on fire!😂 I love a great outfit no matter how much it costs, however I do prefer if the pieces weren't in the thousands and I am sure you would appreciate it too. Check out … Continue reading Budget Friendly Summer Looks | Under $50

How to Dress for the Office and Beat the Heat!

Hey y’all! We are well into summer and it’s seems like it is not tryna let fall come early at all because ITS HOT! For me summer can be tough because my favorite seasons to dress for is Spring and Fall! I love layers! Today I’m giving you some ideas on how to beat the … Continue reading How to Dress for the Office and Beat the Heat!

How to be Fashion Forward in a Corporate Office

Hey y'all! I know it's been a while but..LUPUS! Granted I have good days for the most part, but when there's bad days, it's awful! I'm working on my consistency so plan on hearing from me much more! Today's blog post is inspired by yesterday... Monday, everyone's dreaded day of the week, except mine! Start thinking … Continue reading How to be Fashion Forward in a Corporate Office

Outfits of the Week | 3.8.2018

Hey Y'all! It's Friday! I hope you all had a great week and have some fun upcoming weekend plans. I know some of my Northeast peeps are not feeling this snow but hang in there. And don't be mad at me for saying I miss the snow being here in Florida lol; I miss the … Continue reading Outfits of the Week | 3.8.2018

Outfit Ideas for the Black Panther Movie

Hey y'all! The time has come...Black Panther is Here! Funny thing is I am so not a superhero geek; and when I say geek, I mean I don't know the character backgrounds, whether they're from Marvel or DC, but I love a good action movie and I'm excited to see this. And from what I … Continue reading Outfit Ideas for the Black Panther Movie

How to Style Jeans at Any Age

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! I hope y'all made it a good week! The other day I was watching the news and they told me, lol, that people that are at the age of 50 or older shouldn't be wearing jeans and that most 50 year olds or older cry when they shop for jeans and … Continue reading How to Style Jeans at Any Age