Combat Boots have Made a Comeback!

Hey Y’all! I’m usually not one to follow a trend, but this season, I have surrendered myself to the trend of the combat boot! Dress- Boohoo | Leather Leggings- Spanx | Handbag- Vintage Chanel | Boots- Christian Louboutin | Jewelry - Michele, Hermès, David Yurman | Headband- Amazon Combat boots have always been a symbol … Continue reading Combat Boots have Made a Comeback!

2015 Fashion on Arrival

Heyyy yalll! I hope you all are starting your year off on a good foot! Me on the other hand, I am reporting LIVE from my bed starting the year off with a cold! (eww) Lol I don't know about you guys but I swear 2014 just flew by. I am looking forward to making … Continue reading 2015 Fashion on Arrival

Outfit of the Day | Laced in Leather

Heyyyy!!! OMG it is insanely hot out here in Orlando! But I can't say I'm not loving the beautiful scenery as I'm driving to and from my new gig! I'm still learning how I can incorporate my northeastern style with this hot weather but I'm workin it y'all! Check out my look of the day! … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Laced in Leather

Outfit of the Day | Hey Sailor

Heyyy y'all! OMG such a beautiful day today! Couldn't help but get it all the way together today outfit wise! Happy to be out of work and hangin with my fam! Check me out! Top- Maeve/ Anthropologie | Jeans- Paige Denim | Jewelry- Forever 21| Shoes- Nine West Wedges How are you spending your day?? … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Hey Sailor

Outfit of the Day | Business Chic

Heyyyyy Ok so can Winter just give up or what? I am not about this recent episode of sleet that took over my evening and suffocated my poor little convertible! I am still in Spring transition mode because with this bipolar weather, I am not taking off too many layers too soon. On the bright … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Business Chic

Outfit of the Day | Denim Vest and Jersey Tunic

Heyyy! So excited to be starting to feel like myself again! I have been going through a battle with my Lupus condition which had caused me to have Kidney failure. The recovery has been a lot to deal with for someone who has always been pretty healthy and this condition definitely threw a wrench in … Continue reading Outfit of the Day | Denim Vest and Jersey Tunic

Fresh & Fabulous Fashion Weekend

Hey Yall! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Everyone is back to school and back to work(boo) but I had a fabulous weekend if I must say so myself. This weekend my sisters and I, (I don't really have blood sisters but they are as close as it gets), had the opportunity to attend … Continue reading Fresh & Fabulous Fashion Weekend

Silks and Surprises!

Hey y'all So how about this gloomy, yucky Friday we just dealt with in Connecticut?! It's was pouring, my pants almost got socked and I hate when my toes get wet but thank goodness I am currently rocking some braids as a protective style so late when it got super humid, I was in good … Continue reading Silks and Surprises!

Summer Time Fine in All White

Heyyy y'all It's Summa Summa Summa Timmeeee (in my best Ashley Banks singing voice) Lol. I was kinda bummed to find out that I missed out on a great bloggers conference, Blogging While Brown in New York, featuring an amazing panel of successful brown-skinned bloggers- Necole, creator behind; Angel Laws, founder of; Claire … Continue reading Summer Time Fine in All White

Bloggin’ Baby!!

Heyyyyy! Hope you guys had a good day today! Me not so was a little crazy and people can be freakin Craz to the E! Definitely was a hot one but not as bad as yesterday! So today I was able to use some of my mixing and matching skills to create my look … Continue reading Bloggin’ Baby!!