Designer Highlights: Chanel SS13

Heyy! With New York Fashion Week right around the corner, I figured I'd share some of the latest and greatest from one of the top fashion houses in the world! In reality, I can not afford Chanel, so I am thankful it doesn't cost a THANG to take a peek at the latest collection! Chanel … Continue reading Designer Highlights: Chanel SS13

To Peep or Not to Peep?

Heyyyy! Soo, today's post is dedicated to one of my lovely readers who wanted me to clarify one of the most commonly questioned topics in fashion. Can you or should you wear peep toe shoes in the winter?? Apparently, there's a ton of people who are on the fence but I have decided yes, YES … Continue reading To Peep or Not to Peep?

Currently Stalking: Anonymous Footwear

Heyyyyy Soooooo...I was browsing Instagram and came across these beauties! I have literally been stalking these via google, and anywhere I think I could buy these. I legit need them in my closet! Check them out! And if you find them before I do, don't be stingy with the info...Let a sista know! Lol … Continue reading Currently Stalking: Anonymous Footwear