What to Wear to a Wedding!

Heyy Yall! It is definitely that time of the year when love rains supreme in all things white, sparkly and Yes, I am talking about that special day when a beautiful couple unites in eternal love and we all know that such a memorable day can be ruined by the ignorance of a terribly dressed guest.Today, we'll … Continue reading What to Wear to a Wedding!

Silks and Surprises!

Hey y'all So how about this gloomy, yucky Friday we just dealt with in Connecticut?! It's was pouring, my pants almost got socked and I hate when my toes get wet but thank goodness I am currently rocking some braids as a protective style so late when it got super humid, I was in good … Continue reading Silks and Surprises!

Happy Anniversary Ceethrufashion.com!

Heyyy Y'all! *Clears throat* Do you know what to-day issss...it's my Anniversary, Anniversary!! (In my best Toni, tony, tone voice) Ha! OMG guys, last year today was the day I began my fashion blogging journey! Thank you to everyone who takes time out to read my posts and like my photos. It means a lot … Continue reading Happy Anniversary Ceethrufashion.com!